About Me

I am a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a BSE in Digital Media Design. I am interested in computer graphics and hope to utilize my technical skills and creativity to help expand the possibilities for artists.

This past summer, I worked at Pixar Animation Studios as a Pixar Undergraduate Program (PUP) intern. There I experienced different stages of the studio's pipeline each week through instruction, projects, and reviews. Mentors in the relevant fields guided weekly individual projects, concluding in a group short film and a final personal project. I am returning to Pixar this coming summer as a Global Technology Technical Director intern, where I will write software to improve workflow and provide film-specific functionality for various departments.

I am currently a Teaching Assistant for The Introduction to Algorithms (CIS 320), an advanced level algorithms course, focused on graph traversals, data structures, network flows, dynamic programming, and more. This past fall, I was a Teaching Assistant for The Introduction to Computer Graphics (CIS 460). As a sophomore, I was a Teaching Assistant for The Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (CIS 160), a course on discrete mathematics.

Demo Reel